2013 Felt Triathlon

2013 Felt Triathlon

2013 Felt DA1 Di2 Triathlon and TT Bike Stats

Sizes: 700c x 51cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm

Gears: 22

Frame: carbon

Price: $10,000

Rating: 9/10


The 2013 Felt DA1 Di2 is by far one of the premiere triathlon and time trial bikes in the world. The 2013 Felt is the chosen bike of many professional triathlon athletes and time trail racers. The new 2013  is cited to be 13% stiffer and 14% more aerodynamic than its very impressive predecessor is. The 2013 Felt frame is made of Felt UHC Carbon Fiber and the bike features Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 crankset, derailleurs and shift levers. This excellent bike also comes fully stocked with Shimano RS21 rims, hubs and spokes. To top off the superb speed and ride of this bike, it sports Felt Aero TTR1 Clincher, 700c x 23c, 220 tpi tires. The 2013 Felt DA1 Di2 does not come with pedals.

The 2013 Felt DA1 Di2 triathlon and time trial bike is made to be ridden in an aerodynamic position that makes the bike as fast and comfortable as possible, yet helps riders change from cycling to running during a triathlon without missing a beat. The 2013 Felt DA1 Di2 is fast, lightweight, aerodynamic and built to win races. This impressive bike is expensive with a price tag over $10,000. The 2013 Felt DA1 Di2 is obviously not a bike for just anyone; it was made for professionals who are not satisfied with second place.


  • Responsive
  • Aerodynamic


  • Expensive!!


The 2013 Felt DA1 Di2 is not a bike you will see a recreational cyclist booting around town on. This impressive bike is for professional triathlon riders and has a price tag only very serious cyclists would even consider. The 2013 Felt DA1 Di2 is expensive, but when every second counts, it is well worth the money. The 2013 Felt DA1 Di2 gets a 9/10 rating.

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