Michelin Pro 4 Race

Michelin Pro 4 Race Stats

Price : 60-70$

Weight : 180 Grams for race and 220 for endurance

Colors : 6 colors

Size : 700c

Type : Clincher

Rating : 9.5/10


Michelin Pro 4 Race are one of the best tyres money can buy, there have been some changes from the pro race 3. For starters Michelin now make two types of pro race 4 tyre. One is the light weight Michelin Pro 4 Race Pro race. That comes in at 180grams, pretty much the lightest tyre you will find. The race type is intended for race use only. In saying that the mileage and handling and puncture resistance on the Michelin Pro 4 Race is amazing to say the least.

Michelin Pro 4 Endurance is the other side to there new range. This tyre is 40grams more, that is not really a lot when you think about this tyre was made for training. The endurance has thicker side walls and a little bit more life and puncture protection. Michelin have done this so people can have these great tyres for race or training. Even I was training on the pro race 3 because it was great all round….. And the pro race 4 has only a better tyre yet again. It has lower rolling resistance than before, more grip in the wet and more grip wile cornering.

Pro 4 race still come in heaps of nice colors that will make your bike ping….. weather you are training on your endurance tyres or on the race tyres. You still have that choice. Like always they are easy to fit the bike with there thin sidewalls that bend over the rim with just your thumb. Makes it realy easy when out on the roads with a flat :) In the next part I will go over the good and bad of the tyre.

Good                        YouTube Video

  • Light weight
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Lots of colors
  • Training and race
  • Easy to put on rim
  • Good puncture resistance


  • Price Is a little too much
  • Not quite as puncture resistant as some training tyres


Awesome tyre, Awesome training tyre, Awesome race tyre. I give the Michelin Pro 4 Race and the Michelin Pro 4 Endurance a 9.5 out of 10, Just could be a little bit cheaper. I’m not complaining though.

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